Vegan Life = Update and Why I am stopping the 30 day pledge

I just feel sick.

As a preface I have to say that my stomach is very sensitive.  I have noticed multiple times that I have had horrible reactions to certain foods while others were totally fine.  I have dealt with IBS or Irritable Bowl Syndrome for multiple years now, it is not something that just goes away, it is something that I manage on a daily basis.  I have seen multiple specialists and have found that as long as I am careful with what I eat and manage stress, my symptoms are much better and I feel “normal”.  Otherwise, my stomach is in so much pain that I have a difficult time sleeping.  That is basically how I have felt the last 5 days.  My stomach was so much worse after I swapped to the fake dairy products.

Why did I even try being a vegan?  I thought the dairy included in my diet that I ate on a daily basis was causing me issues.  Now however, I am thinking the faux meats are the real issue.  Am I upset that I tried this?  Absolutely not.  Will I continue to be vegan…Nope.  It was a successful venture since it did open up a conversation in our house about what we were eating and how we could make better decisions.  I need to be patient as I try and figure out where to go from here.  I would like to take a moment to thank my husband who has been very supportive of me figuring out how I want to eat.  He is the perfect example of how you can be supportive and not influence someone’s decision at the same time.


  • My stomach did not agree with the alternative dairy items.  I literally had a hard time sleeping.
  • I felt SO tired and weak.
  • I have zero energy like I am running on an empty gas tank.
  • Some of the vegan or vegetarian substitutes have ingredients that are either not real food (xantham gum) or just plain dangerous like carrageenan (mostly found this in the non-dairy milks that were stored on the shelves in the grocery store rather than the cooler section).  I am a huge believer in simple ingredients and avoiding anything that sounds like a chemical.  I have read many articles before that the body knows how to deal with real food and if it cannot figure it out, stores it as fat.

Next Steps

  • Try other food types and recipes = I am continuing my journey.  I will be posting an update when I feel like I have discovered something that is working for me.  I work out hard, I do kickboxing multiple times a week, I like to walk/jog and even have a 5k coming up soon.  I need a diet that allows my stomach to not be in pain.  I also need major fuel and energy to get through my day.  My previous desk job life allowed me to sit for the majority of the day.  Now I am running around and staying much more active.  Hence why I decided that I needed to start my food journey.
  • Research More = I want to not only make good choices for my diet but also humane ones as well.  For example I found out that pasture raised eggs are much better for the chickens than free range.  I have a feeling I will be doing an entire blog on this topic soon.  For now I am linking some sources.

Just in conclusion, I really want to point out that deciding on a diet is a very personal journey.  So much goes into it like religious requirements (example kosher), availability of certain stores to shop, budget allocated to food shopping, available time to cook, allergies, etc.  I am sharing this on my blog since I want to inspire anyone who’s food is not benefiting them, to empower them to make a change.  I encourage you to question and research ingredients.  Make sure you are spending your money on items that are beneficial to your health.  Please also note that verifying your health with a trusted physician is also key.  I will be making an appointment with my doctor soon to check my levels of iron, B-12, magnesium and other levels with a blood test.  I do want to encourage everyone to be safe in their food decisions and respect the decisions of others.  This hopefully will lead to a diet that works for me.  This does not mean that you should follow anything that I have figured out for myself.  You are in control of your own diet and please do what is in your best interest.

Best of luck in your health journey!