I have a new love and its name is Kickboxing!

Some background is that I was boxing for a year and then the gym I was attending changed its focus.  I could no longer attend boxing classes at that location and I began a hunt for either another type of workout or a new gym.  This search lasted about 2 months.  I tried to only do home workouts but failed on some days to get motivated to head to the basement to sweat.  Especially during the month of May when our basement became a project of exterminating a hidden ant colony.  I was spending my time deploying baits and sticky pads instead of picking up a weight.  I basically stopped working out and it impacted me more than I could have imagined.  My overall mood changed.  It was harder to get out of bed in the morning since I was not sleeping that great.  I had much less energy.  I was just not myself.

That is when it all changed with a single internet search.  I was lucky enough to discover a new place that specialized in kickboxing which opened one week ago.  I really felt like I hit the jackpot!  I attended my first class last week and was hooked.  Want to know what is better than throwing punches?!  Kicking the bag too!  There is just something about it that allows me to zone out.  I focus on my movements so much that it is like a zen state for me.  It is difficult to really describe.  After my first class of course I signed up and have been going ever since.  It is not an easy workout.  Actually I would say it is the hardest physical thing I have ever tried to do.  But that is why I love it so much!  I used to be very intimidated if something was too hard.  Now I see it as the stepping point to launch myself to a better version – more muscle tone, increased stamina and overall bad ass.  Starting over again after not being active for a couple of months is rough.  No doubt it is much much easier to just continue not to push myself.  However, that is really not the way I wanted to live.  Just after a single week, I feel better already.  My body is sore and broken down a bit but nothing that a heating pad will not heal.  It will get easier, my body will recover faster in time.  I am excited by this opportunity to start kickboxing, I feel already deeply invested in it.

Moral of the story is that do not be afraid to try something that is difficult.  I am still struggling right now to get through the 15 minute warm-up.  Just don’t stop.  Slow down and take a break, listen to your body.  Just don’t stop, keep pushing.  The rewards are way beyond physical strength.  My wish to my readers is that you find something that you are passionate about and can start from the beginning and be challenged.  This can be either learning a new skill, taking courses, trying different recipes, etc.  The pride I feel after getting through a workout is something that I hope everyone can experience.

Take care and may you have much health and happiness.