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Who am I?

My name is Carol and I am an avid believer in doing your best.  I am constantly researching ways to improve the health and wellness for my family.  My focus is on healthy eating, exercise and managing stress.  I enjoy a well-organized home and keep it clean with natural products.  I am obsessed with yoga and currently studying to become a yoga teacher.  I also enjoy kickboxing.

Buzz words that I love : Organic, Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Organized, Non-Toxic, Homeopathic

Why I started a blog?

I love writing and this is a great outlet for me.   I also want to share helpful tips for recipes, exercise ideas, essential oils and how to organize and clean a home.  I do tons of research both online and via the library and wanted a way to easily share the info I learned with others.  I used to email and chat with friends and family about items I discovered which worked for me.  This format allows me to share it with a much wider audience.

My goal is never to have you do exactly as I write, this is not an instruction manual.  Instead, I want to share my perspective in order to encourage you to find the best way to live your life.